This article would talk about one of the hottest days on record in Seattle. The hottest day was on the 28th of June, 2021. As stated by the national weather service from its station available at Sea-Tac. It reached about one hundred and seven degrees on Monday afternoon. 

The temperatures were relatively high at around five pm. It showed in various areas. It was so hot someone checked using a thermometer and realized it was around one hundred and ten degrees. This included places like Kelso, Shelton, Bremerton, Tacoma, Portland, Oregon, and Vancouver. They were so hot their temperatures were a hundred and fifteen degrees.

What was the Previous Hottest Record of Seattle? 

This changed the previous record. The former hottest record was around one hundred and four degrees at SeaTac. It was recorded only a day earlier on a Sunday. 

Did it get Hotter than the temperature? 

This was unchartered territory. The forecast might get hotter in the future. It ended up being a scorching day. In history, one of the hottest days ever.

SeaTac touched about a hundred degrees before noon on Monday. This was the first time on record that this place ever reached a temperature that reached three digits. The temperature stayed that hot for three straight days. We can’t imagine how the people might have felt after witnessing this high amount of heat. It must have been so stressful. 

What did the National Weather Service do about these Scorching Temperatures? 

The National Weather Service ended up extending the Heat Warning to the end of the next day. Till around eleven pm. This was there to warn everyone to stay calm and avoid going outside to prevent sunburns and other associated risks with the extreme heat.

How did it end? 

The next day everything started to cool off. The entire coast had typical morning clouds which crept into Olympia before it backed out in the morning. In the afternoon, it went back to complete sunshine, and it stopped at around ninety degrees. That was still very hot but way better than the previous days. The average high of the day was seventy-four. That was about twenty degrees cooler than the next day from the hottest day in Seattle. 

The remaining part of the week and the weekend of the fourth of July had awesome combinations of clouds in the morning and regular afternoon sun and extraordinary highs from the eighties. These were still way above average. Taking this after hitting one hundred and eleven degrees of heat in a place like Seattle.

This was highly beyond removing your tongue from your mouth to get fresh air day. Entering or going to the beach is an excellent idea for our awesome friends who have a lot of hair on their bodies.

The people of Seattle keep praying that these horror and hot days never repeat themselves. Because trust us when we say it was pretty difficult to survive, live, and breathe in all of that heat.