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One of the components of liver detox is seeing a woman drinking green juice while sitting on the floor. Have you in one time experienced waking up after a night out and what you feel is a bit worse for wear and what you could utter was “ I’m never going to drink again”? To go through a liver detox to see if you can feel better might have crossed your mind. 

Well, it can be intense juice cleanse, green juice, or even superfoods; it is prevalent to have the thought that some specific food or supplement can enable you to flush out any toxins in your body through the liver. Suzie Sawyer, a clinical nutritionist, said, ” A natural body detoxification system is the liver. The liver helps to feel the burnt from heavy drinking during the night or some other overindulgence.

But what do you think is a liver detox? And how can the remedy of liver detox combat environmental toxins?

What is a liver detox?

Liver detox can imply a flush or cleanse program that helps remove toxins found in the body are it also helps with losing and improves your general health. It is just like you are trying to detoxify the body’s detoxification system. One of the largest organs in our body is the liver, and it is vital for the proper functioning of the body. 

The liver is the body’s natural detoxifier that helps purify the blood of accumulated toxins. It stores minerals and vitamins that are redistributed in the body and produces digestive substances.

How does a liver detox work?

The prescription of specific foods with abundant vitamins is how the liver detox works. Suzie, the nutritionist, says that doing so will assist your liver to go through the process called “turning toxins” to become less harmful substances as time passes. The foods high in vitamins make you feel better, but they contribute a lot to making sure your liver performs and functions better; thereby, it helps the cells quickly regenerate.

Like a dietary supplement to shampoos, some products claim to offer a body detox. But, during 2009, a scientist group gathered together by the charity sense to talk about Science contacted manufacturers checking out over 15 several products sold in supermarkets and pharmacies, claiming that the products help detoxify the body. 

When the scientist asked for evidence of what was claimed, they could not find any manufacturer that could defend their claim, nor did they even know the meaning of detox. It was worse to the extent that they could not even mention the name of the toxin which they claimed to cure with the products.

It made Suzie stick to the fact that some selected foods had been proven to help detoxify the body. Which includes:

  • Tomatoes, spinach and avocados
  • Asparagus
  • Green leafy vegetables
  • Beetroot and carrots
  • Citrus fruits
  • Apples
  • Cruciferous vegetables ( example are: cabbage, sprouts, broccoli, and radishes.

How to detox your liver

There are other steps to help detoxify your body apart from fruits and vegetables. Let’s see:

  • Maintaining a healthy weight is a way to reduce fat in the liver properly.
  • Always take in balanced which will include veggies and fruits.
  • Take enough water
  • Take a milk thistle supplement.
  • Responsible drink
  • Avoid taking toxins
  • Try to exercise regularly.


The liver is essential in our body system because it does a great deal of work in our body. Therefore, the liver is a natural detoxifying our body, helps to purify accumulated toxins in the blood, and aids digestive substances. Hence, follow the above steps to help your liver to work correctly. NHC has quality brands like Enzymedica, which helps with the purification of liver detox.