How to Stop Extinction of Animals

The extinction of animals is unfortunately a side effect of global warming and humans. Extinction is the term used to refer to species that no longer exist. Examples of extinct animals are the dodo bird and the saber tooth tiger. Currently, there are over 7,000 animal species on the endangered list and over 41,000 endangered species in general according to the IUCN (The International Union for Conservation of Nature) Red List. If you’re interested in learning how to stop the extinction of animals then keep reading. We will be sharing little actions you can do to stop the extinction of animals. Here they are;

  1. Start With Your Immediate Environment – This is the most direct and effective way you can stop the extinction of animals. Most states and countries have certain native animals that are most likely endangered. Once you find that animal, search for wildlife rescues around you that cater to those specific animals. When you find a wildlife rescue you can donate money or services to the cause. If you want to stop the extinction of animals but don’t have much money to spare then this is a great way for you to do so.
  1. Don’t Purchase Clothes With Animal Skin – Rhinos are endangered because of their ivory horns. This is an example of an animal being endangered for products it can offer. Try not to purchase clothes made from animal skin or any other items made directly from endangered animals. If you must, make sure it is second hand. What this does is it reduces the demand for the product therefore there will be less profit for the company when they sell such products. Eventually, they will have to stop producing such items.
  1. Donate To Wildlife Refuges And Parks – You can donate your time or money to national parks and rescues that protect endangered animals. Ensure that these parks are trustworthy. They should not be dirty or messy. Some rescues will claim to want to place the animal in a location that is as close to home as possible. This is not possible especially if it’s an animal raised in captivity and unable to return to the wild. These types should be taken care of as human interaction would not stunt any sort of progress.
  1. Get involved in grassroots politics – If you’re passionate about stopping the extinction of animals you should get involved in grassroots politics. The mayor of your town for example. Elect only officials who have detailed plans for endangered species. Examples of plans to protect endangered species would be to protect their natural habitat which means hunting and farming will be banned in that area. If this is not possible, they should still have some sort of protected area.

They should offer protection for endangered species and most importantly they should be against owning exotic pets either for personal or commercial use. The most reliable and long-lasting way to protect endangered species is to pressure governments into making reforms and passing bills that protect these animals.