What Was the ‘Climate Change Protest Aftermath’

2019 was highly regarded as the year of climate strikes. All around the world, young people marched across the streets and demanded awareness and action towards climate change. Inspired by teenagers like Greta Thunberg who skipped schools for weeks to sit on the steps of the Swedish Parliament, other young people around the world also began to demand action. Climate change is not a new concept; however, the impacts have increased in the last decade. They have become so prominent that to ignore them would not only be futile but also deadly.

September 20th and September 28th are two very important dates in the fight for climate change. Millions of people took to the streets to protest and raise awareness for climate change. Artists, regular people, and climate scientists banded together to raise agitation and awareness. Another notable date in the fight for climate change was the 23rd of September, 2019 when Greta Thunberg addressed the UN in a chilling speech. Her words reverberating in their ears revived talks of the Paris Agreement which is the strongest alliance so far fighting for climate change. Countries like India and China have signed the Agreement.

These are a few examples of the climate change protest aftermath. Other things that qualify as results of the climate change protest aftermath are;

  1. AWARENESS – 2019 was the year of climate change agitation. Although a lot of people knew climate change was happening, many did not fully understand its impact. Climate change protests truly raised widespread awareness. These protests encouraged people to demand change and action from their governments. These climate change protests reminded people of the urgency behind the protests and encouraged people to make their little changes. More people were going vegetarian and vegan. Fewer people were drinking milk and opting for plant-based milk.

Companies like Beyond Meat, which offers plant-based meat flourished even more as people began to take note of how their actions could contribute to global change. Of course, the majority of the work lies in the hands of the governments as large corporations are responsible for most of the pollution that eats away the ozone layer. However, it is still important that we are aware of our impact. Documentaries like Chasing Coral and Planet Earth were also available on Netflix to raise awareness of climate change.

  1. Notice from the U.N – The U.N’s acknowledgment of the climate change protests is perhaps one of ther most rewarding parts of the climate change protest aftermath. This revived talks of the Paris Agreement and reminded governments of the urgency of the situation.
  1. Climate Change Day – The 15th of May is climate change day around the world. The climate change protests have ensured that this day remains in the books alongside Earth Day which is on the 22nd of April. These two dates are both fighting for the same thing; the Earth. While Earth day is more about celebrating the Earth it is important that we remember to take care of the earth as well because there is no planet B.