What Rising Sea Levels Mean to Our Survival

seashore during golden hour

Finally, don’t stress you wouldn’t get it. Only my Boss can. Oh well, you would like to know what Rising Sea Levels can mean to the survival of humans. The first question your mind needs to have asked previously is why this is even happening in the first place.

What Is Causing This?

One of the most serious reasons that we have rising sea levels is that it is caused by global warming. This is a phenomenon that started occurring as rapidly as possible. It also occurred rapidly using speedy development from the industrial age. The rise using sea level got occurred using about two factors that are linked to global warming. This has issues like ice sheets melting and glaciers too falling on their own. The amount of seawater would increase rapidly because of global warming. 

Now you know what happens and how the sea levels just like that tend to rise. 

The next thing you should ask would be, what are the effects of the rise of sea levels.

Effects of Sea Level Rising 

These rising sea levels stay and serve as very serious threats to coastal areas and nations. These all mean that these areas could get submerged and swamped by water at any time in the future. In several countries like the noted states. There is about forty percent of the population resides in coastal areas. There’s flooding as a result of the rising sea levels. 

This is a very serious threat. As a result of global warming and what happens to sea levels that would result from this global warming, it serves as a weapon of nature that could try to extinct lots of animals and plants which only thrive and live in cold areas. Animals like penguins and polar bears truly really need the place remaining and being cold. They need to keep abusing carbon dioxide and monoxide gas. These are the first animals to suffer all possibilities of being extinct by these rising sea levels. Apart from these, the presence of saltwater on the shores would truly disrupt the ecosystem. These would result in vanishing several different plant kinds. This would also make the plants and the soil change. The wildlife available on the beaches would truly feel pain by all of these rapid changes in the conditions from the climate and the entire environment.

How it feels to suffer from Rising Sea Levels

Imagine you’re a polar bear and just like that, one afternoon, water starts coming to where you live and it starts disrupting your natural flow. That would truly be sad. You would live in constant fear of not surviving and getting extinct. Because you know that when this water comes to your home, it is not going to take just you. It would take you and all your surroundings siblings. The threat of extinction is a horrible feeling. The world needs to think of ways they can solve these problems once and for all. Don’t you think?