U.S. President Biden Names New Environmental Justice Advisory Council

architectural photography of white house

You know the world cannot get justice on education, race, economic, health, or education without justice to the environment. This is why Joe Biden is committed to addressing the injustice that’s done to the environment. The vice president has stated in a statement that the historic white house environmental justice advisory council would ensure that the work of the administration is informed by expertise, insights, and lived experience from the environment justice leaders all across the nation. 

The council would get funded through the protection agency of the environment. EPA Administrator Micheal Regan has stated that environmental justice would be a serious priority for the agency all through their tenure. 

We would be pushed by our commitments which states that everyone in the United States of America has the right to a healthy life, clean water, clean air, regardless of the amount of money they have in their pockets or the community they live in or the color of their skin. 

Justice to the environment is aimed at addressing disproportionate effects gotten from environmental-climate issues obtained from vulnerable communities. It has turned to a large priority from mainstream environmentalism gotten from recent years. 

The announcements which were done in the white house on Monday were praised. 

The period of always dropping sweats for the nation and then people would still keep polluting the place has to come to an end. No part of our awesome country should ever Digger from poisoned water or bad air as a price to progressing the economy. 

The importance of a clean environment 

No matter your job, it doesn’t matter what you do, as long as you have a job or as long as you live and you’re a person in the United States or anywhere in the world. You need to have clean air a D clean water. That’s essential for you to survive. For you to be happy and for you to have peace of mind. 

What’s the impact of a dirty environment on one’s mental health.

Imagine you are leaving your office on your way to your home or you’re leaving home on your way to the office. And then you encounter a very dirty smelling gutter. That would just make you feel annoyed for no reason. You would start thinking about the things you can do to make the environment cleaner and better. 

My thoughts on a clean environment 

Growing up, very close to my high school was this flour-producing company. Every Saturday when we would go for our weekly jogging, we would always pass there and the stench from the river was so horrible. The company made use of their pipes to throw their wastes into the close river. The people living around that place would have a problem drinking clean water because the factory has destroyed the river close by. The air too was also very bad. That type of company needs to have or create a proper draining system that’ll keep everywhere clean.