President Biden’s Response to Climate Change

The president of the United States Joe Biden has signed lots of orders executively given. These have all been to address climate change. These are available to ban some drilling of energy. 

These orders have the aim to stop brand new gas and oil and to stop gas leaks on public lands. They are also available to double offshore winds that are produced by energy by the year 2030.

These people are expected to meet very strong resistance from the industry that produces energy. These all come out as a sea change from former president Donald Trump. He has done a lot of things to cut protections around the environment. 

The president stated he has waited too long and they cannot wait for more time. It is tiring to think about all of this. Like there’s nothing one can do but to wait for the right time. 

The president has stated that the United States does not have a choice but to lead this global response team to handle problems that come from climate change. 

The first act of the New president has been to set a tone for the climate. We all need a proper unified response naturally to handle this crisis that has gathered from the climate. These are what bring climate issues all around. 

The entire challenge cannot be completely handled by the United States alone. 

These executive orders have gotten signed on Wednesday from the White House using the domestic climate policy. He has also announced a summit of several different leaders which would get held in April on Earth Day. 

Climate change under the plan of Biden would become foreign policy and the priority of national security. 

The president has called on the Director of the United States and national intelligence to create a reply for intelligence on all implications related to security from climate change. 

What are these Orders Though?

The president is using all of his powers as the president to make issues related to climate change becoming a main issue during his administration. 

These memorandum and executive orders wouldn’t go farther than legislation on congress-ion and fighting climate change. These could not be undone by presidents like what he is doing to Donald Trump.

My feelings on President Biden’s Response to Climate Change

I’m glad we finally have a president that is looking at the problems climate change has got to offer as a very serious and big deal. Look, money is hot everything o. You could have all the money in the world and then if the climate starts affecting you, your business, and all the people you love, you are going to pray that the government has done or is doing something extremely important concerning the problems brought to the world by climate change. But at the end of the day, now we have President Joe Biden working seriously using a lot of his energy to fight off climate issues in the world.