News in Geothermal Power for Renewable Energy

ship on body of water at night

Some months back, we have Noah Smith, an economic analyst looking at the advance of science. He looked at it like he was looking for ore. There you could find a promising vein. You could invest heavily after taking a risk. You get to explore till you’re tired and your lap out. 

The issue here is that there are just some veins that have been changing lives and paying off over the last few decades. There has been lots of information tech, and these have been quite massive. There are the smartphone and our beloved internet. Because of clean energy innovation and public investment, these have been plenty and fast. The price of splat modules has reduced by about a hundred percent since the year 1976. 

There are several life-altering breakthroughs. Lots of these are still significant. There are fewer that were once available. Some are still significant. Some were born in the year 1900, and some died in the year 1970. If you grew up when horses took people wherever they wanted to go, it would not be accessible before seeing a man on the moon. We all saw the effect of air conditioning, electricity, penicillin: automobile, and lots more. If you were born in the sixties, you are still alive today, you would notice flying and driving experience, and you would state that they could have been safer. Your kitchen, apart from your microwave, is still the same thing. 

In the year 2011, Tyler Cowen published a book. It is known as the great stagnation. This explores the reason we have scientific evidence that has slowed down. Thiel Peter complained that all he wanted was footing cars. We ended up getting Twitter. 

This lull in technology could be ending. Suddenly, lots of smart people are writing lots of different things about these promising veins. One of the first would be these Covid vaccines. The Moderna scientists were the first to design them in January 2020. The vaccine was available when a lot of people were not even scared of the disease. 

My Thoughts 

For Geothermal Power as an Energy Source that is renewable, here are my thoughts on it. Geothermal power refers to power gotten from the earth. This form of power is nothing but renewable. It is renewable because our earth has no plans of going anywhere. So the energy would keep flowing and flowing non-stop till this era ends and another begins. I feel it’s even more potent than that of the sun. I feel so because the sun comes and goes daily. But the earth isn’t going anywhere. We all live on it. With the speed and efficiency that technology is growing, soon Geothermal energy would be mastered before you know it. Cars would be working with Geothermal energy. Planes would be flying with Geothermal energy. Our phones would be charged by putting them on the floor. That is going to be interesting, though. Here’s to hoping we would be alive when all of these happen.