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Recycling is the means of collecting & processing materials that will be discarded as trash and turned into new products in the long run. There are lots of benefits that recycling renders to the community and environment. This article is going to consider the following:

  • Benefits Of Recycling
  • The Steps To Recycling Materials
  • Creation Of Jobs Through Recycling

We will consider the above one after the other.

Benefits Of Recycling

  • Recycling reduces waste that has been sent to incinerators and landfills.
  • Recycling converses natural resources like; water, minerals and timber.
  • Recycling save energy
  • Economic security is increased through the tapping of a domestic source of materials.
  • Recycling prevents pollution through the reduction of collecting raw materials.
  • Recycling helps to create job opportunities.
  • Recycling converses valuable resources and gives support to American manufacturing.

The Steps To Recycling Materials

There are three main steps for recycling, and each step creates a continuous loop, which represents by the familiar recycling symbol.

Step 1: Collection and Processing

There are different ways to collect recyclables, including drop off centres, curbside collection, refund programs, and deposits. 

After collecting recyclables, they will send them to a recovery facility for them to be sorted, cleaned and processed into materials that would later use in manufacturing. Recyclables are similar to raw materials because they can be bought and sold, and the prices changes; at times, it can go up while at times it can reduce. The price fluctuation depends on the supply and demand in the united states and the world.

Step 2: Manufacturing

Most of the products today is manufactured through recycled contents. Below are the everyday household items that have recycled materials.

  • Newspapers & paper towels
  • Plastic, aluminum, & glass soft drink containers
  • Plastic laundry detergent bottles
  • Steel cans

Recycled materials have improved a lot that it is now used in new ways, which are recovered glassing asphalt. It helps to pave roads or recover plastic in carpeting and park benches.

Step 3: Buying Recent Products Made from Recycled Materials

When you patronize new products made through recycled materials, you are in another way assisting in closing the recycling loop. Thousands of products today ahs a lot of recycled contents. Check out the following content when you go for your next shopping.

  • Products that can recycle easily
  • Products that have recycled contents

Specific terms are used for recycled products are:

  • Recycled contents products-:

It is recycled materials used in manufacturing the products either collected from a recycling program or recovered waste during the manufacturing process. Will know the number of recycled materials through the label.

  • Post-consumer content-:

The material used here is similar to recycled contents. The only difference is that it came from recyclables collected from consumers or businesses through a recycling program.

  • Recyclable product -:

These are collected products that have been used will then be processed and manufactured into new products. The following are the products you can find made with recycled products.

  • Car bumpers
  • Carpeting
  • Cereal box
  • Aluminium cans
  • Trash bags
  • Egg cartons
  • Steel products
  • Paper towels
  • Carpeting
  • Laundry detergent bottles
  • Newspaper
  • Motor oil
  • Nails
  • Comic books.

Recycling Creates Jobs

There are economic benefits in a recycling company with an update to national Recycling Economic Information(REI) in a 2016 study. The study shows the analyzes the numbers of jobs, tax revenues and wages that is attributed to recycling. Was made accounting, they realized that there were 681000 recycling jobs, with $5.5 billion in tax revenues.


Recycling has proven to be very beneficial for the environment. It has been converted into several practical uses today. And the majority of the products available today are filled with recycling contents.