Environmental Heroes to Watch Out For in 2021

The year 2020 was a rollercoaster both literally and figuratively. So many events occurred that are monumental and will remain engrained into our memories as well as history. Regardless of all the tragedies in the world and society at large, there are still individuals who continue to persist and push through against all odds. In this article, we will be celebrating and mentioning 5 environmental heroes to watch out for in 2021. The environment is immensely important. The Earth is the only home we have and these people are striving to help us preserve it.

Environmental Heroes

  1. María Clemencia Herrera Nemerayema – The Amazon is the lungs of the Earth and we must preserve and honor the Amazon forest. María founded a school to train indigenous people on how they can protect their lands, restore local cultures, and opt for more sustainable options using local resources. María’s school, the School of Political Education is located in the Colombian Amazon. María’s is also passionate about empowering women through education and has done so for over 30 years. María’s work is outstanding because she is not only causing direct impact but she is also putting seeds in place for long-term preservation of the precious Amazon forest.
  1. Alfred Brownell – Alfred Brownell is a Liberian environmental lawyer who won the Goldman Environmental Prize in 2019. He is passionate about the preservation of Liberia’s tropical forests and has tirelessly worked to protect them from being turned into oil palm plantations. This is important to preserve the soil as well as the biodiversity of Liberia’s tropical forests. These forest lands are not only home to different species but are also home to many traditional and sacred Liberian sites.
  1. Pablo Garcia Borboroglu – Argentine environmentalist, Pablo is the founder of the Global Penguin Society. Through his extensive work and campaign, he has been able to educate millions of people around the world on plastic pollution and he has impacted countless people locally into physically improving their immediate environment. Pablo also influenced and improved conservation policies that have protected 13 million hectares of precious marine habitats.
  1. Beth Neale – Although there are a lot of activities we can do on land, a significant amount of environmental work also occurs in the world’s bodies of water. Beth Neale is a freediving champion that filmed the sardine run which took place in South Africa in 2020. She used these videos to spread the word about how dangerous overfishing is and how much we can gain if we choose to be more sustainable.
  1. Valerie Akuredusenge – Africa’s tropics are under attack due to logging, over-cultivation of the soil, and excessive hunting of wild animals. Rwanda’s Valerie Akuredusenge is working to teach Rwandan kids to love and appreciate nature. This will raise a generation of people with love, appreciation, and respect for nature. She does this through her non-profit organization, Conservation Heritage-Turambe.

For more information on environmental heroes, you can click here. Other resources you can find for more information on the environment are documentaries such as Chasing Coral