Common Parasites in the Environment

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Parasites. The word sounds quite frightening. But believe it or not, there are more of them around us than we think.

Zoonotic disease is a type of disease caused by parasites, although it can also be caused by viruses, bacteria, and fungi. It can be spread between animals and people.

When someone catches a zoonotic disease, it can bring on serious symptoms, or it can result in no symptoms at all. When symptoms do appear, they typically manifest as diarrhea, muscle, aches, and fever. 

This article will review common parasites found in the environment and the diseases they may cause.

What are the Sources of Parasitic Disease?

Parasitic diseases are typically caused by food or pets.

Food related parasitic disease occurs when humans eat the meat of a cow or pig that was infected with a parasite such as cryptosporidium.

Cryptosporidiosis happens when a human ingests food or water that is contaminated by the stool of an infected animal. For example, they may drink from a water source or eat fruit sourced from a cow or pig farm that was not properly washed or treated and get sick.

Parasitic disease may also take hold if a person eats the undercooked meat of a bear, boar or domestic pig that was infected with the trichinella parasite.

People can also get parasites from pets. It is not uncommon for young animals, like puppies and kittens to carry roundworms and hookworms that can be transmitted to the people that are in contact with them.

Parasites may also be found on wild animals. People may catch parasites like Baylis ascaris if they accidentally swallow soil or a product growing in soil contaminated by the feces of an infected animal.

You can avoid contracting a parasitic disease from your pet if you:

·         Get regular vet checkups to ensure your pets are not carrying any parasites.

·         Clean up poop and dispose of it promptly. Follow up with a thorough hand cleaning.

·         Wash your hands after being in contact with animals.

·         Wash food thoroughly before eating it and follow proper food handling procedures.

·         People with weakened immune systems should be especially careful when coming in contact with animals that may carry parasitic disease.

How to Prevent Parasites from Taking Hold

The proper procedures when handling food and pets will reduce the risk of parasitic disease, but another solution is to use a supplement specially made for creating an unfriendly environment for parasites. Parastroy by Nature’s Secret is recommended.

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No one expects a parasitic infection, but unfortunately, they can occur. The tips in this article will reduce the risk so you don’t have to deal with an unexpected nasty illness. What do you do to keep these types of infections at bay?