Animals that Are No Longer Endangered Species

Whenever we go to the internet or we check the news or we go and check what the newspaper has to tell us, we keep seeing just bad news. Nothing positive in sight. We always see terrorist attacks, stories about wars, the horrible climate change effects, people hating on gays, hate crimes, and stuff like that. It is difficult to go around looking for a good positive story.

Luckily for you, I’ve got a great positive story which you would enjoy. This piece would talk about some Animals that are No Longer Endangered Species. Keep your eyes open let’s go.

List of Animals that Are No Longer Endangered Species

Black Louisiana Bear

These are highly lovely bears and people fought for them to survive. It is a beautiful creature.

There’s even a cute story about this lovely bear. Teddy was also known as Theodore Roosevelt, the president in the year 1902 of the United States of America was hunting in Mississippi. After hiring Collier Holt, who was a wonderful hunter of bears, he had killed a lot of bears on that faithful day. The President hadn’t killed even a single bear. The attendants found this bear, clubbed it to a tree, and then told Roosevelt to shoot the bear. He couldn’t and he told others around to kill it let it rest from all of the stress in the world. At least this way the poor bear would get some peace out of this extremely stressful world.

Steller Sea Lion

This beautiful animal is usually seen in Alaska. Though it ranges from places as far south as the coast of California. This is an impressive and enormous creature. It weighs about seven hundred pounds and it grows to about eight feet in length. These seals are named after the naturalist known as Georg Wilhelm Steller. He first mentioned them through his writings in the year 1741.

Lake Water Snake Erie

I do not like snakes at all. So I don’t know why they had to save this one. Though I learned that if this creature goes extinct, the entire ecosystem would be in trouble.

This snake that doesn’t have venom has been on the list of United States Wildlife and Fish Services in the year 1999. One of the major issues that cause this snake and made endangered was because it was killed by people and lost its habitat. I mean, what do you expect, you’re a snake, humans hate your very existence. When we see you, of course, we want to kill you at every chance we get. Though it’s all good and the world is glad this snake has survived and it wouldn’t leave the world anytime soon.

The reason the world likes keeping all its animals in check is for the young kids and young ones to come. So they’ll see these animals and admire them. Also, the ecosystem needs them for its sustenance. So there we have it.